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The Lord's Lighthouse Ministry, Inc.

From Dora's Kitchen Table


After a long search for help in transporting our third portable (10'x15'), we were able to move it next to "La Casita". The other two portables are still located at the Wimauma Church Of God "Nuevo Pacto", where our precious children meet for Sunday School classes. Now they are so happy under a roof, instead of the blazing Florida sun or the rain. They now enjoy their ham and cheese sandwich and orange juice after service. WE BELIEVE AND PRAISE AN AWESOME GOD!



Our Feeding Program is a relevant part of our overall ministry. A group of caring members from Pinellas Community Church and Entrust Life Church travel around once a month to poor communities with their trucks full of food, furniture, clothing, etc. This is a real blessing to our families with limited income.

The Interfaith Council of Sun City Center has been for years a bulwark financial resource to The Lord's Lighthouse Ministry that has allowed our local service organzation to become a powerful source in our quest to challenge many families to break the chains of extreme poverty and the negative feeeling of inability to excel and become successful professionals and entrepreneurs.

Our many proven achievements in past years of hard labor in challenging the bright youth and hard working adults of area families, facing needs with meager income but strong wills, to attain the American dream, are facts that have been possible because you have provided the funding resources to reach and go beyond our goals. Thank you, Interfaith Council, for your generous grant of this past year, in the amount of $10,000.00 for our feeding program. On behalf of our Board of Directors, and thousands of grateful people that have benefited from your kindness of years, again, thank you!

There are so many more reasons to be thankful to our Lord, for placing in all of you a "blessed burden" for needy families with a caring concern that touches so many lives, especially children! Thank you so much for helping us be there when they need us the most! God bless you more and more every day.


With much love and gratitude,

Bill & Dora Cruz



Please help us pray for the provision of a building where we can have both administrative and outreach services under one roof.

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